Use-Case: Data Integration and Analysis

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These competence areas are contained in our Use Case:

Blockchain AI
Clouding Data
  • very simple data handling through professional users
  • connect and directly analyse data of various machines
  • embedded solutions for the data transfer by OPC UA & MQTT

Integrated digitalisation and self-service data analysis

At the AoI, the FZI shows innovative solutions around edge computing from data connection to data analysis. In doing so, the focus is particularly set on the very simple handling of data through professional users without technical expertise. It is shown how data of various machines of the Arena of Integration can be connected and directly analysed within minutes. The FZI’s service portfolio ranges from innovative hardware-related edge processing algorithms and architectures to data processing on high-volume data streams.

Integrated digitalisation
Embedded solutions for the transfer of field data in the cloud by means of OPC-UA and MQTT. This enables the aggregation and integration of field data for data analyses across various devices.

Self-service data analyses for the industrial IoT with StreamPipes.
The exhibit demonstrates the simple integration of real-time data from heterogeneous source systems and the generation of complex data analyses for manufacturing companies by means of an easy to operate user interface with the open source solution StreamPipes, developed at the FZI.

Data Analysis with StreamPipes

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