Use-Case: I4.0 approach for production

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These competence areas are contained in our Use Case:

Automation Components
Clouding Data
  • Close coupling of MES and APS
  • Collect & evaluate the utilization of plants in real time
  • Link closely the program sequence and its control
  • Respond immediately and efficiently to any problem
  • Compare production process with optimal detailed planning

by XETICS GmbH and flexis AG

XETICS GmbH and flexis AG present a generalistic example of the interaction of digitized production processes and their optimization within the planning process. Here, the program flow and its control is more closely connected, so that there is a possibility to react immediately and efficiently to faults. The solution helps companies to record, evaluate and optimize the various workloads of plants, personnel, tools and material in real time in their production - in line with Industry 4.0.

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