Areas of Competence

Future industrial potential will result from digitalisation, individualisation, communication, services, networking and flexibility. And thus connectivity will be put into practice at the Arena of Integration and will be the centre of attention at the integrative theme park.

These areas of competence will be presented in complex applications in the use-cases offered at the arena:

Automation Components
Robotics, grippers, clamping systems, feed and conveyor technology, drives, sensor technology, 3D-printing, automation, logistics
Intelligent subsystems and complete systems for quality assurance in the fields of measuring and test technology, image processing, identification etc.
Interface management, OPC, edge computing, safety and security, software solutions (MES etc.)
Blockchain AI
Artificial intelligence applications in production and automation as well as for optimizing the efficiency of associated value creation chains
Digital twins of components, process simulation, virtual commissioning, learning systems
Clouding Data
Technology and task-specific platforms including particular applications, heterogeneous networks and big data processing, as well as data analysis and evaluation
Processes Service
Machine learning, certification and standardisation, digital engineering, business process management (BPM), virtual and augmented reality, predictive maintenance, remote services, service management tools
Approved industry projects and presentations covering all aspects of assembly, automation and production within the context of digitalisation, as well as networking and data processing